We Are Mothers



We Are Mothers is a project that explores the transformative process that is motherhood through storytelling and conversations with women who are ready to dig deeper into their journeys.  

From whichever angle we look at it, motherhood is a transformative process. An emotional rollercoaster.  We can go from being completely elated, to completely falling apart. At times we are covered in kisses and love, and then the next in poop and vomit. We lose ourselves and find ourselves in new forms on a daily basis.

While new motherhood offers so many new joys into our lives, too often women don’t have the space to process the immense identity, emotional and physical shift happening around us and within.  The expectation to bounce back quickly without the necessary support or resources can naturally lead to feelings of isolation, inadequacy and frustration.

We are not the first and certainly not the last to experience this transformative shift in identity. These experiences are timeless, but for the first time, many of us are not surrounded by the supportive communities that once existed. Motherhood today looks radically different than it historically ever has. We are not biologically fit to go through this transformative experience on our own.

Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.
— Brene Brown

We Are Mothers aims to provide this non-judgemental space in the digital age for women to be heard and connect through this shared thread of motherhood that weaves through our lives. Dr. Alexandra Sacks, an expert in maternal health, says, “Too many women are ashamed to speak openly about their complicated experiences for fear of being judged.” By sharing these stories, we find that what is one person’s past might be someone else’s present or even unlived future. We believe that deeper exploration of the transformative experience that is motherhood reflects a much larger experience of finding purpose and meaning in our lives.

Maya P. Ginzburg, the creator and host of the podcast, draws on her life as a mother as well as her years practicing and teaching yoga. She finds that the daily grind of being a mother gives her the deepest space to practice what she has studied for so many years on the mat and in her practice. Maya also firmly believes in the practice of self-care and nourishing ourselves in order to care for another being.