We Are Mothers


We at We Are Mothers believe in many self-care practices that give us
the energy we need to show up to our busy lives with our whole self.
These packages are a great gift to give to yourself or to a friend
that may need a little reminder to continue to nourish our bodies, minds and spirit.

Mama & Baby Care Package

Mama & Baby Care Package


This box is the perfect gift for any mother with a little one at home.

It includes 5 of the following items + WAM Granola + KalliBaby Magnetic Overall
- Yama's candle
- Journaling cards + Journal
- Chanita's Calendula Oil
- No Shit Beauty Face Mist
- No Shit Beauty Everyday Balm
- Zeilinski & Rozen Bar Soap

Products in the care packages may vary depending on the companies we are currently featuring.

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