We Are Mothers
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Episode 5


My Baby, Whose Body?

From Failed Surrogacy to choosing Adoption
by Kimberly Rex

There are so many ways to make a family, and this episode opens the space to explore some of those different journeys. We feature a story and interview with Kimberly Rex, which takes a close look at the experience of creating a family in circumstances that make it difficult or impossible to physically conceive and carry a child.  What does the journey look like there?
The episode continues with an interview with Miriam Warshaviak, who was able to conceive and give birth to one child, but when her and husband tried to go for a second, they found they weren’t able to conceive again and so they turned to a surrogate to carry her younger two boys.

"She wasn’t my dark-haired boy. She didn’t have deep brown eyes or a face just like my husband’s. But this baby girl was here, and she was mine."