We Are Mothers

Episode 3


Breaking the Cycle

Shape-Shifting to Become the Mother that We Want to Be
by Jen Curtis

This week’s episode features Jen Curtis, who is five months pregnant. At one point, Jen never wanted children of her own. Jen shares her story about her complicated relationship with her mother- about forgiving her, the process of choosing to be ready for motherhood and the physically and emotionally empowering journey pregnancy has been.

The episode continues with an interview with Jen on the moment she decided she was ready for motherhood and the need for a space for women to share these sorts of experiences. The episode concludes with the rest of seasons 1’s mothers on feeling connected to their babies before birth.

"I find myself in awe of every mother I meet: in awe of what she has sacrificed, what she has given, what she has endured, what she goes through on a daily basis. I find myself in awe of myself, for all that I have done so far and what I know I will face, hopefully with grace and dignity, though probably often without. Above all I find myself in awe of my own mother. I am starting to understand what she really meant when she told me she loved me.