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b. 1986, HK.

We Are Mothers Team


Maya P. Ginzburg
Founder, Producer and Host

Maya is a new mother, yogi and creative entrepreneur. Born and raised in NYC, she was always curious about the rest of the world, and traveled extensively throughout her late teens and 20's. After studying Anthropology, human rights and international development, and getting her Masters Degree in England, she found herself and her future in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv. She is always searching for new ways to express her passions, mainly through the yoga practice, but in other fields as well. In recent years, she has focused on teaching pre & post-natal yoga, and works one on one with women to support them in their journey into motherhood. 

Maya is the co-founder of YafoYoga, a boutique yoga and wellness space in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv. 
To find out more about Maya and her classes, go to YogaMayaTLV.

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Genevieve Slonim
Co-Host (Season 2)

Genevieve is a Childbirth Educator, a Birth and Post-Partum Doula and a mother of three. After working with women as a Social Worker for over a decade, once she gave birth to her daughter she was unprepared for the isolation she felt as a new mother. Soon after she began taking a Doula course primarily to be in the company of other mothers and women.  Through the embodied experience of having a supportive motherhood community,  she created BIRTH OF A MAMA so that other new mothers could navigate post partum with the remedies, resources and relationships they need for optimal wellbeing.

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Tamar Shmaryahu Kauffmann
Content and Storytelling

Tamar Shmaryahu Kauffmann is a Boston-native living in the Tel Aviv area with her Carioca husband and baby boy. Previously, Tamar was a senior associate at a Tel Aviv-based international PR firm focused on the hi-tech sector. Lately, Tamar has been re-exploring the world one day at a time with her little one. A realist optimist, Tamar enjoys traveling, being active, a good book, writing and learning from others.


Tomi Nelkin and Erin Kopelow - The Expert Collective
Branding and Design

Work. Motherhood. Balance. Creativity. Fulfillment.  Those are the words that best describe us. We are professionals.  We are mothers. We are creatives. We are nurturers. We get things done.  We want to work hard, make a living, enjoy our families, live our life, and feel our impact. In pursuit of this lifestyle, we founded The Expert Collective, a branding and marketing agency that is committed to birthing and nurturing brands to full maturity.  With Tomi as the graphic designer and Erin the copywriter, every deliverable is a product of our joint creativity, debate, inspiration, and sweat. And sweat we do! Our days consist of early mornings, intense sprints and late nights.  And we love every minute. We also love our diverse range of clients - from small startups to large corporations who we consider partners in the creative process.  And when our clients need services that lie outside our exact expertise, we bring in other like-minded freelancers to create bespoke teams tailored to each project.  

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Emma Shahar - Craft and Bloom
Creative Consulting
Emma is one half of Craft & Bloom, a contemporary design studio, whose philosophy is founded on a preference for natural materials and minimalist aesthetics. C & B commit themselves, body and soul, to the projects they embrace, be that designing interiors, furniture or greenwalls. The principles of sustainability are never neglected, in a natural extension of their own lifestyle.



Gemma Leghorn
Story Editor
Gemma Leghorn is a writer, editor, and content strategist with a background in creative writing. She specializes in helping small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals craft and shape stories that are unique to them. She has an MFA in fiction in addition to almost ten years of experience in marketing and nonprofit administration. Now, as a New England-based freelancer, Gemma helps clients write narratives of all kinds, from compelling website copy to creative essays. 


Shelly Yosha
Shelly is a Tel Aviv based musician and writer. She draws inspiration from pop to poetry, and from folk to world music. Shelly has merged her love for yoga and music by deeply delving into the world of live musical accompaniment for yoga, performing sanskrit chants on voice and harmonium in studios and retreats in New York City, Portland and Tel Aviv.


Harper Spero
Harper is a business coach and consultant based in New York City who specializes in working with individuals who want to live, work, and earn on their own terms. After spending ten years working in marketing, public relations and event production while managing a chronic illness, Harper realized that she craved the autonomy and freedom that came with entrepreneurship. She now helps individuals transition out of full-time jobs to be their own bosses and supports clients who are already doing their own thing. She's based in New York City, spends her winters in Tel Aviv, and loves traveling to different cities around the world to see live music.